Wound Care

Bulk Gauze



AMD Bulk Non Sterile Traditional highly absorbent, woven gauze sponges. Well suited for wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, and wound packing.


B3001     2” x 2”   8ply  200/Bag                                                         

B3003      3” x 3”   8ply  200/Bag                                                        

B3005      4” x 4”   8ply  200/Bag

Tongue Depressors



Tongue Depressors   Non Sterile, natural birch wood, Senior 3/4" x 6"


 Product :118-403  100/box                                                                            


Germa Spray




GERMA Spray®. Antiseptic spray with Lidocaine. Helps prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Prodcut:   33014 2 oz Pump  

Nose Bleed Plugs



Nose Bleed Plugs Non- Sterile.Used to control common nose bleeds. Plugs are pliable and made of lint free cotton.                         


 Product:  999922PK  50/Bag

Laceration Kit Premium



Premium Laceration Tray:  Sterile. Only supplies required are suture material, needle, and lidocaine.


 10 4”x4” Gauze Sponges 8 Ply

5   2”x2” Gauze Sponges 8 Ply

1 Fenestrated Drape 13”x 18” x 3”

2 Absorbent Towels Blue Blotting 4 Ply

2 Med. Cups 60cc Gamma Safe

1 Webster Needle Holder

1 Iris Scissors

1 Mosquito Forcep

1 Syringe 10ml

1 Needle 18ga x 1.5 Pink

1 Needle 27ga x 1.25 Grey

1 Needle 25ga x 0625 Org.

1 Tray: Micofoam

1 Wrap 25” x 25”

 Product: 1944271  

Laceration Kit



 Minor Laceration Tray: A convenient kit assembled in a compact, sterile package. Disposable sterile kits offer convenience and extra protection against cross infection. Plastic tray provides sterile field. Removable Tyvek lid. 


1 Plastic Tray
5 Gauze Sponges
1 Waterproof Drape, Blue
1 Fenestrated Waterproof Drape
2 Absorbent Towels
1 Tissue Forcep (Metal not serrated)
1 Needle Holder
1 Scissors

  Product:  8451                                                                                 

AMD-Ritmed Non Woven Sponges (Sterile)

AMD-RitMed® Non Woven Sponges (Sterile): General Purpose Medical Grade Non-Woven gauze sponges are highly absorbent, double that of cotton gauze sponges with the equivalent plies. Leave patients with a soft and soothing feel with these lint free sponges.

4x4 in. 4 ply,100 pack: 2 per package, 50 packages per box

Product: AMD A4440

3x3 in 4 ply, 100 pack: 2 per package, 50 packages per box

Product: AMD A3440

2x2in 4 ply ,100pack: 2 per package, 50 packages per box

Product:  AMD A2240

Donjoy Sling (Universal)

Donjoy® Universal Sling:  Contact closure adjustment on envelope accommodates most patients. Durable cotton/poly material, double D-rings, and contact closure shoulder strap for proper adjustment. One size fits most. Ideal for immobilization and support of the shoulder and elbow joints. Reusable

   Product: 81-92070   

Cramer ® Rapid Form Immobilzer

Cramer® Rapid Form Immobilizer:  3-Piece Set, Arm, Leg & Ankle. The Rapid Form Immobilizer helps stabilize fractures and dislocations without circumferential pressure. Pump extracts air from the unit, forcing the interior beads to form a solid, rigid mass.

Product:  13463

Non Sterile Gauze Sponges

Traditional highly absorbent, woven gauze sponges made from the finest USP Type VII gauze. Well suited for wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, and wound packing. 200 bulk pack


MDS 21208  2x2 8 Ply

MDS 21308  3x3 8 Ply

MDS 21408  4x4 8 Ply




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