Paramedic Scissors Black (Better)

One serrated edge. German Stainless Steel
Autoclave to 143C/290F.
AMG Paramedic Scissors 

Product: Better (120-210) 7 ½”


Splinter Tweezers

Surgical quality, stainless steel. Tapered points remove ingrown hairs, thorns, glass or splinters. In classic stainless steel. 1304-4

Tape Cutter 100210

Mueller Tape Cutter

Tape Cutter Blades 100202

Mueller Replacement Blades

Available in: 5 Pack or 10 Pack

Heavy Duty Lister Tape Scissors 8”

8" Double Ring HD Straight.

Product: 46-360 Floor grade

Clauss Titanium Super Snips (Best)

Three (3) times sharper than stainless. One serrated edge. Comfort grip handle. Clauss TI Super Snips. 7 1/2"

Product: 13811

Paramedic Scissors Black (Good)

One serrated edge. Stainless steel blades.

Product: (157-176BK)  7 1/2"

Lister Tape Scissors 8”

Double Ring Curve

Product: 46-3570RA  Floor Grade

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