Athletic Tape

Cramer Pre Wrap Natural

  Cramer® Pre Wrap: Provides a protective barrier between skin and athletic tape. Use to secure pads, socks, and cold packs in place. Versatile enough to hold up sleeves, or create a knee strap or protect feet under boots and athletic footwear.

2.75” x 30yds x 48 (Natural)

Product: 214592

AMD/Sport Supply Cohesive Tape

 AMDRitmed and Sport Supply Co. have teamed up to offer a highly adaptable   2”, “no slip” cohesive tape/bandage that tears easily by hand. Will stick to itself, but not skin or other materials.  Medium, compression. Can also be used as grip tape.

Value added case size: 36 rolls vs 24


    Product: A2061-B:   Blue:  2" x 5 yds x 36/case                                 


   Product: A2061-R:  Red:   2” x 5 yds x 36/case                                       


    Product: A2061-A: Assorted Colors: 2” x 5 yds x 36/case                           


BSN Tensoplast®

A light elastic adhesive tape which is suitable for medium support or compression. Its adhesive properties are long lasting and provide firm, controlled support. Non-fray edges prevent the bandage from rucking. Uses include for limitation of movement (sprains & strains), and correction of false position & posture.  High adhesive properties provides strong compression and long term support. The tape is water repellent and air permeable

Product: 04412001 Tan: 5cm (2”) x 4.5m (5Yds) Stretched x 24/case                           

Product: 04413001 Tan: 7.5cm (3”) x 4.5m (5Yds) Stretched x 16/case                       

BSN Lightplast® Pro

Hand-tearable light elastic adhesive tape, suitable for light support or compression. The unique fabric backing helps to conform to body movement. Ideal for all-purpose taping including sprains & strains. This tape provides excellent adhesion, is air permeable while providing a light and close fit

Product: 76954 White:  5cm (2”) x 4.5m (5Yds) Stretched x 24/case                       

Product: 76955 White:  7.5cm (3”) x 4.5m (5Yds) Stretched x 16/case                   

Kinesiology Scissors
Kinesiology Scissors

Ideal for precise cutting of kinesiology tape without fraying.

Product: 020328

Cramer 1050i

Zinc Oxide tape provides excellent tensile strength and superior conformability. 100% cotton backcloth. Latex free adhesive. Sticks better, works longer. Easy hand-tear.

Available In: 1.5" x 15yds x 32  White

Product:  281050

Johnson & Johnson Coach

The indusrty standard for premium quality white tape. Porous zinc oxide adhesive helps reduce skin irritation. Uniform unwinding properties.

Available in: 1.5” x 15yds x 32 rolls. White

Product: 5188


A strong fabric based cohesive tape/bandage that tears easily by hand and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power. It won't stick to hair or skin. It eliminates the need for pre-wrap and adhesive spray.
23lbs tensile strength makes it strong. Offers comfortable support that is both sweat resistant and breathable. 

Blue 2" X 6yds 24/case - Product: 3720B
Red  2" X 6yds   24/case - Product: 3720R
Green 2" X 6yds  24/case - Product: 3720G
White 2" X 6yds  24/case - Product: 3720W
White 3" X 6yds  16/case - Product: 3730W

Cramer Heel & Lace Pad Dispenser

Foam pads help prevent blisters in friction-prone areas under tape and wrap. Increase the protection by adding Skin Lube Ointment to the pads before application

Available In:

Two Rolls of 1000 perforated pads per box  3" x  3"
Product: 082514  

The Original Kinesio® Tape - Kinesio Tex Gold FP

Kinesio Tex Gold FP - Kinesio brings Athletic Trainers its latest “Re Evolution” - Tex Gold featuring patented Finger Print technology- Brings Nano-touch micro-stimulation to epidermis and layers beneath- Mimics human touch yet provides a more effective hold. Features higher grade cotton with more breathability. Latex free and hypoallergenic.  

Standard: Black or Beige
Special Order: Blue, red and white

2" X 5M X 6/ Rolls/Bx
2" X 31.5M Bulk Roll

Black bulk roll  - Product: GKT45125
Beige bulk roll  - Product: GKT14125
Black Box of 6  - Product: GKT45024
Beige box of 6  - Product: GKT15024


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